Thursday 3 September 2009

Pom Pom making with Anita Cummins

Fresh from her exhibition at Mailbox 141 Pantone Pom Pom, textile artist and CVHQ Retail Ass.Man (hmm, we might have to rethink that abbreviation) Anita Cummins is now poised to revolutionise the world, one fluffy pom pom at a time!

In conjunction with the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Anita will be facilitating a half-day workshop on the art of pom pom-making. The class will take place on Monday 21 September at VTW and bookings are now open.

Some information on the workshop:

In this half day workshop Anita will unlock the secrets of pom pom making. Using recycle cardboard and the gorgeous VTW yarn, Anita will guide people through making a pom pom pattern and provide inspiration for the many possible uses for these little cuties.

Pom pom makers will have the opportunity to utilise the VTW's 366 yarn colour range, and each person will have the opportunity to make at least two pom poms in the class.

And most importantly, here are the hard details:

What: Pom Pom Making with Anita Cummins
Where: Victorian Tapestry Workshop, 262-266 Park Street, South Melbourne
When: Monday 21 September, 1.30pm to 4.30pm
How much: $30 (!!!)
What do I do to book: Call Lily Fraser on 03 9699 7885 for enquiries, or fill out the form (pictured below)

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