Thursday 24 September 2009

kit lee

Hi there Nathan Gray here. I'll be doing some guest posts here for the next few weeks that will sidestep the art/craft question/problem and simply highlight some very intelligent making. Anyway pics and an update of my show coming soon but for now....

Fabric as Document

Kit Lee has some lovely pieces in the current Y3k show "Hatred of Kappagizm"curated by James Deutsher and Christopher L G Hill.

Lee's pieces are hand painted cloths that are exhibited after use as tea towels and picnic blankets, with one even covering the beer table at the show's opening. Its a simple reflection on the life of the product after it is no longer new. For capitalism an object often dies at the point at which it is sold, becoming monetarily worthless, but the worth of an object for the buyer is its usefulness. These pieces are lovingly handmade and when used, document that use in stains and marks which add to rather than subtract value. By soaking up the residue of everyday living they become recordings of domesticity, and by being handmade objects for such lowly and messy tasks they become offerings to that domesticity.

HATRED OF KAPPAGIZM curated by James Deutsher and Christopher L G Hill

205 Young St.

Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, 306

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