Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fresh Goods: No bones about it

With the fabulous array of skulls in Gallery 1 at the moment, it's no wonder that yours truly is suddenly smitten with all things skeletal. We thought we'd round up a special skull and bones edition of Fresh Goods for your enjoyment (and ours too actually).

Perennial favourite Tim Fleming and his reversible perspex skulls - pink on one side and mirrored on the other. You might say they are 'two-faced', hehe!

A pair of Caracus earrings by Fiona Watkins (you can read more about this lovely lady here). Don't the little skulls remind of Día de los Muertos? (which is the Mexican holiday - Day of the Dead). The earrings are propped up on the aforementioned skull. Mmm... multi-functional.

New porcelain bones from Gregory Bone-asera. OK it's actually Gregory Bonasera, yours truly couldn't resist! Resting on them is an Iggy and LouLou skull pendant, and on the left a pair of complementary skull cufflinks.

And of course, Emerge leather skull keyrings carefully crafted by Emma Greenwood. You'll never lose your keys with these dangling off them. You won't want to!

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